Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday # 25 - Father's Day

Okay - So Sunday #25 I had something in mind to make. I can't remember what though because my brains are old.

On Saturday Mark's mom called and invited us to dinner at her house. Sold!

She made a rib roast.

It was pretty good.

It also reminds me that I really need to cut my salt intake, because I never think anything she makes has enough. She's become pretty health conscious and crazy high blood pressure apparently runs in their family.

That doesn't mean she doesn't use ANY though. Just not the tons I'm used to having.

The fact that a large part of my diet for the past decade was made up by fast food at least a couple times a a week probably didn't help.

Anyway - I didn't take pictures because she thought that was funny last time I did it. She didn't get what I was doing and I didn't feel like elaborating because I still feel silly doing this.

Anyway that was Father's Day!

And so is this:

There was no cake. I thought about making one but I thought she might already have plans, and plus I was worried I'd have to hear about sugar sugar sugar (Mark was recently diagnosed with diabetes) so I didn't bother.

The End

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  1. I almost never add salt when I cook. I dump in other stuff, but I had to go without ANY salt during my pregnancies (toxemia) so I learned not to miss it. At most, a little sea salt is what I use. Costco has a really amazing salt-free seasoning blend.