Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday Number What Now?

A couple weekends ago I went to my super-best-friend's house to make us all Sunday dinner.

It was Saturday.

I've decided that I've got about one good dinner per week in me, and whatever the day of the week it manages to land on will be Sunday Sunday Sunday!

So, yes.  We'd planned it out months ahead of time. "Planned" in that we said we'd have to get together sometime and make something sometime. Solid.

Eventually we pegged it down to sometime in July, because my kids would be in Yakima visiting their grandmother and it would lessen whatever amount of crazy that would be happening at Corina's.

'Cause man, that place is nothing if not full of crazy .
Much like this teapot, it would seem.

Not that the crazy isn't fun or anything, but given the massive amount of crazy I'm hauling around with me at any time, it's not exactly the best plan to try and blow the threshold.

Not my kitchen + house of crazy + worrying about food not turning out + worrying about my own kids' interactions = Bitch Ass Crazy

So, not the fun kind of  crazy.

Seen here: Super Fun Happy Time!
Also: How Corina paints the walls.

When I got there three of her brood were off doing things more fun than hanging out with their mother's dumpy friend and her less dumpy husband. Smart move, kids!

Given that, you'd think I'd have made less stuff but... no. Never!

The Menu
Sesame Cilantro Chicken
Sesame Ginger Rice

also booze

A couple weeks beforehand we tried to nail down what we'd make. We figured it'd be hot out, being the middle of July, so  we thought  - Grilling?

Corina suggested this chicken dish she'd made before, and I said I'd bring drinks and a couple of sides. 

I was thinking some cool, Asianish sort of slaw to go with the the flavors Corina'd mentioned would be in the chicken. 

Then I got really excited for making spring rolls. Turns out those don't hold over well. I'd considered bringing ingredients to put those together and making everyone fill and roll their own, but that also sounded... nerve wracking. And who's going to get excited for a slab of pork belly or shrimp with rice paper rolled around a lettuce leaf? 

No one, I decided. 

Well fuck them! I was damn excited for them! So I made them at my house. You know, just to be sure they wouldn't be group friendly. 
And they wouldn't have been, they take lots of sprawl. 

I have pictures, I'll tell you about it sometime. 

Anyway, in the traditions of myself, I took until the night before figuring out what I'd bring. 

I decided on rice, cause yay rice, and I decided to force upon the Nelson household all the braising greens Full Circle had sent me. I mean, I couldn't very well depend on the likes of one Maxwell Arthur to help me choke them down.

I'd enjoyed chard before, and some mixed baby greens were very delightful, but GREENS kind of scared me. 

I mean, they look timid enough, right?

But when I was looking up recipes and images, shit like this kept turning up.
It's watching you.

What. The. Fuck.

Okay, I'm not here to make fun of what other cultures eat. I watch Andrew Zimmern (jeezus did you see that? It's a wtf sort of day I guess) and I know that most of the weirdness of the fishhead comes more from my culture's tendancy to disassociate its eaters from the happy little faces animals have and all that but...

That claw thing?

It looks like someone braised the fingers off of a goddamn Gremlin!

Or worse...

Mom's wrong. I don't care how hungry I get, I'm not eating that.

Do you see it!!!? Do you see it's creepy little fingers poking out?

How the hell was I supposed to figure out how to cook the damn greens when recipes paired them with accompanyments like that? Fucking C.H.U.D. fingers?

There really is an argument made for not eating anything with a face.

Especially this face.

So yes - I figured I'd bring the sack of braising greens to Corina's and make them choke it down.
Best Friends Forever!!
To the cookery!
You know what?
This blog has been a long time coming.
Because I'm a horrible Drag Ass.
I believe this preamble to meal creation makes a fine blog all in itself!
So here ya go. You're welcome.


  1. Hahahaha!

    I laughed, Kat laughed. Good times. :)

    C.H.U.D. fingers... man.

  2. OK so there is nothing about the actual dinner in this - but I almost died laughing.

    What the fuck ARE those Gremlin finger things!?

    (That IS how I paint the walls.)

  3. I'm not sure I want to know what those talon things are. Wrapping them in greens can't improve them.

  4. I don't know what they are. I was afraid to investigate.

    I'm writing about the actual dinner later. I had to break away from it again to go do stuff with the boys (our nephew is visiting so we have to make life action packed!) and figured I'd stop there and give you a little something so you'd get off my back, woman!

  5. I will NEVER get off your back! SO THERE.

  6. So when you write about the actual dinner will that be the postamble?

  7. No, a postamble would be something written after the main attraction. Silly.

    Which... I have plenty of after-dinner pics. I should do something with them since I haven't document any dinenr-makings since Corina's.