Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday #6: Salted Fatty Carbwad

Last weekend I had it in my head that I'd make chicken for dinner. Then we went shopping and I bought baby bok choy and got excited for WONTON SOUP!

So we decided on wonton soup, and I made Mark go to Safeway after we'd spent the whole of Saturday running around, skating, shopping at Cosctco the day before the Super Bowl, and collecting Pokemon.

But things would change again because while at Costco Mark and Simon tried a sample of this:

I knew they'd liked their sample and were getting some, I just didn't realize how awesome-crusty-perfect they were until the next day.
Perfect for french dip!

So, for the sake of the bread, we decided on dips for dinner. We couldn't just ignore the bread til later in the week, it wouldn't have been as good. It would have been all dried out and sad. At this point you might be asking yourself why that would matter when the bread would get dunked in salted beefwater. Maybe, you're thinking, we just wanted an excuse not to make a decent meal.

Pffft. You don't know me! You don't know me at all!

It was for the BREAD!
and... The Superbowl! Yeah! Dammit I was being American by celebrating with garbage food!

So anyway, this meant another trip to the store for Mark on Sunday morning for deli roast beef. That's right, DELI, I certainly wasn't cooking a roast on Superbowl day!

I stared by preparing the vegetable:

We cooked it until it looked like this:

We cooked this fine vegetable in a couple tablespoons of butter. Butter is a well known vegetable enhancer, so it's practically a veggie in it's own right. Respect it.

We pre-toasted the bread after slicing them all in half. Mark and I had a brief discussion on whether or not to
prepare the remaining five loaves (there were six, he had one that morning, this is of note for later) or just one for each of us.

Eh, why not just do all five!

So we did. The roast beef we'd heated through in the au jus. Also, I did saute up some mushrooms at some point, I just didn't document it.

Ready for the oven. As soon as MORE CHEESE was added to the beefy side of the loaves.

We heated them until everything was melty, browned, and trying to slide off the bread.

Dairy Management Inc. is doing their job, and doing it well.

How much cheese is that? I dunno, we didn't measure.  A half a cup a side? A full cup per sandwich? Yeah, that sounds about right.

See the purple from the onion? That's what makes this a balanced meal.

I finished mine because I'm a champion overeater, but Mark and Simon ended up picking the beefy goodness out of it's bready casing towards the end.

We decided we could have easily had half a sandwich each and would have been perfectly happy... or mostly happy.

We should have figured this out before gorging on cheese and beef and bread. Why? Well for one, no one but Dominos would ever think this much cheese was good idea, no matter how unbalanced the meal. Well, no one but them and me, apparently.

Also, I'd looked at the nutritional information for these guys. Each loaf was 3 servings and 120 calories. That should have been a clue.

Even Mark is partially to blame. Remember how I said he'd had a loaf earlier that morning? Well AFTER we'd all slurped down our bread wads like some sort of park ducks, he mentions that he should have known better when he struggled to just eat a loaf of bread by itself for breakfast.

It looks like we'll never learn.

You know what else?

Either will he:

Not with our fine teachings he won't.

Oh wait! I excused all of this for the superbowl! Yeah!

Cheese people played, right? See, this dinner was just in honor of the cheese people.

Dietary Mom Guilt: Vanquished.

Oh yeah, that fifth sandwich? Mark and I each half half for lunch later in the week. Half a sandwich and some fruit was perfect. I'm sure I'll forget that by the next time I get excited for Salted Fatty Carbwad.

I'm writing this a week after having it and I'm already thinking it sounds like a good idea.


Because we're having chicken, the anti-beef.
(someone out there might think that Tofu or something is the anti-beef, but they're wrong, it's chicken.)

Oh yeah - Max had half a loaf of that bread with some melty cheese on top. Not the best dinner, but no where near the coronary catastrophe the rest of his family had. It's scary when Max is leading the way nutrition wise.


  1. You do know you're a pretty good writer, don't you? Downing bread like park ducks is a brilliant analogy.

  2. I agree with the above: you're good at this. Seriously.

    My favorite bits:
    * The ongoing thread about Max vs. nutrition. :)

    * Chicken: the anti-beef. (It's funny because it's true.)

  3. Remember hun, Maxie's sandwich was the finest melted cheese with a heap of "quesadilla-chicken" (Green sauce pulled pork if you aren't Max that is). So it had a little more nutritional value than a hunk of melted cheese.

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Hahaha, Max ate green sauce.