Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Tragedy of Apple Cake

For a while I was kind of obsessed with apples. After I made that pie, and tasted how tasty the available apples were I went apple crazy.

I decided to make Caramel Apple Coffee Cake for dessert after Sunday #5.

I was going to post about this, I had a dozen AWESOME pictures of the various stages of wonderfulness that preceeded the awful destruction of the cake.

But the picture uploader was being a slow, slow bitch not showing me my pics.
So I went to Picasa and saved the pics I wanted to my computer (having long since removed them from the camera since they were on Picasa) and then deleted the pics from Picasa to lessen the wait time in accessing my pics.

And then when I went to pull them from my computer all there were were these weird blank doc pages. Whatever that means!

So sorry apple cake, there will be no memorial for you.

Just let me say that if you decide to make a caramel sauce of apples, pecans and CARAMEL and then want to get all "pineapple upside down" cakey with this cake but by using the aforementioned ingredients in the place of pineapple and such - yeah - if you decide to do that don't be an r-tard and ALSO use the tube-pan that they suggest. It will NEVER COOK before the caramel burns to death because the cake piled too densely. Use a 9x13 or something.

The inside of this cake was awesome, we cut off the burnt and froze apple cakey chunks for later enjoyment.

I'd show you but I'm clearly too stupid to manage a picture folder. Yay me!

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