Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hey, Wanna See Something Gross?

Found a recipe, found a recipe, found a reeeeecipe just now....

I shoulda known when I saw the staged photo that this recipe was going to be full of lies.

Made it anyway, made it anyway, made it aaaaaaanyway just now...

I decided to make this for dinner last Wednesday. It turned out so darn special, I thought I should share.

I followed the recipe most of the way, the only thing I changed was cooking up some leeks with the garlic before adding in the rest of the ingredients.

Oh, also, when it came time to add in the balsamic I went "shake-a shake-a" without realizing that this bottle doesn't have that little dribble lid you see on some other vinegar/olive oil bottles. So much dumped out that I decided this needed to be a double recipe. Sure, I could have dumped some out, but balsamic is spendy, so eff that noise!

It was scary, it was scary, it was scaaaaaary just now...

I shoulda known when I added cream of mushroom soup to it and saw it turn... colors, that this was not going to be good, not in the visually appealing sense anyway.

And then you're told to wilt spinach in it. Yeah...

Okay, enough with the suspense, are you ready? Seriously - make sure you're ready. If you get queasy easily or are just preparing to eat, you might not wanna see this right now.




Wait for it...





A nice Chianti, anyone?

Ate it anyway, ate it anyway, ate it aaaaaaaanyway just now...

Yeah, that looks like nothing but awfulness.
There were no seconds for Mark, there were barely firsts. He said he could have eaten more if he were blind.

Obviously Max was not having it. He had a piece of naked chicken, and some bread.

Simon ate two servings.
Simon brought some to school with him.
He cackled like a mad-man.

I took some to work the next day, but wanted to eat it in hiding - and not because of my regular urge to hide my eating habits either (I don't have mental health issues at all!) but because it was so ugly. If it were my baby, I'd make it wear a sack on it's head.

What could have fixed this?

Well, a friend at work mentioned that "golden" cream of mushroom soup is a little darker, so maybe if I'd have used that the sauce stuff would have been browner instead of that weird gray color.

Also, when I decided to double the recipeI didn't realize the big container of spinach I had was only 9 ounces (a doubled recipe would have called for 14oz.) So there would have been more of the bright green, and less industrial gruel coloring.

But seriously, look at these pictures side by side:

There is NO WAY that the second could ever become the first. No amount of spinach would have soaked up all of that beany mushroom goo, there's just no way!

I know I still have blah-blah-blahs still to do for the burnt apple cake and last Sunday #6. Wednesday is usually my day for that but I decided to spend mine going to the doctor, bussing and walking for 2 hours afterward, and then laying in a pile playing Xbox and feeling like I'd done enough for the day.

So there!


  1. Thanks for posting! Awesome as ever.

    (Only one mild nitpick: I am slightly disappointed at the lack of a shot of Simon laughing about this.)

  2. The whole table was pretty well rolling at one point. I'll do my best to get a Burnsesque cackle shot of him sooner or later.

    I hadn't even intended to blog until after we'd eaten and I saw how disgusting it looked.

  3. Sometimes a spectacular failure beats a mild success. It makes for more entertaining reading, anyway! Ah well, no where to go but up! I'm looking forward to your next adventure.