Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday #17: Easter Lamb

Some months ago I roasted a chicken on a broiler pan. In between the bottom and top of the pan there were sliced potatoes.

It turned out great, and I was very excited to try it with lamb.

Don't try it with lamb.

My leg-o-lamb had been living in the freezer for months. I'd eyeballed it from time to time, thinking I could make stew, or kabobs, or grind it up, or any number of tasty things. But no, I held out for Easter specifically so I could try roasting it as I did the chicken, so I could have tasty, crispy, lamby tater bits to go with it.

Yeah, that doesn't work out so well. Much like with the chicken, the taters end up swimming in run-off from whatever animal you're roasting. They never crisp. Ever.

And even though I thought the lamb we had was pretty lean, there was still LOTS of run-off. So... greasy lamb taters. Eww.

I have pictures. I'll try to get around to doing a proper blog about it soon.

Sunday #18  has been moved to this Wednesday. Maxwell and I will be preparing Macaroni and Cheese and Fruit Salad. MmmMmmMmm.


  1. I don't know how to cook lamb. I'm sure I'll eff it up.

  2. I'm hoping to sit down and write about lamb and the meal I made with Max soon. IF I didn't leave my camera in Yakima that is.

    Lamb wasn't too hard. And it was so tasty!