Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sundays # 19, 20 and 21.

My camera is supposed to be returning from Yakima this weekend.

Then I'll have pictures.

Then I can write.

Sunday #17, was mentioned previously, was lamb. It's been a full month and I barely remember making it. Maybe something will come back after I get the pics.

Sunday #18 was Mac and Cheese with Max - it was actually done on a Wednesday because we spent the real #18 shopping for a wedding we were all functioning in.

Sunday #19 was the day before my brother's wedding. I've previously stated that I felt that since family made the food, and a whole lotta family sat down at the table to gab and eat, that it more than qualified as a Sunday Dinner replacement.

Sunday #20
... I don't even remember. That was a little more than a week ago.
Having just checked my food log (that's right, food log) it looks like we had enchiladas.
Oh yeah!

Those were good. Really good. I should tell you about them. I don't have pictures, so words are all you get!

Some months ago I crock-potted a pork shoulder with some green sauce. It cooked all day.

I like using the crock pot. It supports my natural inclination to wander off and forget that I'm actually cooking, but it doesn't put the kitchen at risk of bursting into flames for many, many hours.

So, I ended up with about 3 lbs of juicy, fat soaked, tender, tomatillo flavored pork. WTF was I gonna do with that, I wondered.

You'd think that someone who was cooking an entire crock-pot full of meat would have plans for it. Not me! I just thought it sounded good so I did it. I get myself into a lot of food predicaments that way. I'm gifted like that.

It hung around for a couple of days. Every once in a while I would look at it, contemplating, thinking I should shove it in some tortillas and smother it in cheese or something. Then I would poke the jiggly goo that the pork was still floating in (after pecking through the lard puck that solidified on top) and decided to "do that later." "That" being whatever conveyance (enchiladas, tacos, spoon) I'd been considering at the time.

When it became clear that I would likely leave it to putrefy before actually doing something constructive with it, I pulled it all out of it's fat pucked goo prison, shoved it in a tupperware thingy, and put it in the freezer.

Then Sunday # 20 happened!

I slathered tortillas with beans - wam!
then put a good wad of pork in there too!
and a cheese sprinkle!
Drown in Green Sauce!
Smother with ALL THE CHEESE!

Then it all baked until the cheese on top was good and browned. Probably about 20 minutes. All of the good inside was already warm, so the stuff basically just needed to heat through.

It was awesome. I dumped sour cream and hot sauce on mine.

Oh, and olives. Lots and lots of olives. I love olives.

and they love me.

So, yes. Sunday # 21 was yesterday. I made chicken teriyaki.
My rice turned out sucky. It's because we've been out of calrose rice forever and I used jasmine. It's tasty and all, but I couldn't make it sticky.

I also made some sort of veggie monstrosity. It was okay, but nothing I'm sorry I wasn't able to detail in pictures.

So - while I have sucked at the blogging it part, Sunday Dinners have still been happening! Yay me!

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