Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today was the day...

Yes. Today was the day I was going to blog. And look at me! Blogging!

But not as I'd planned.

So, Sunday #18 would have been May 1st. I did absolutely jack shit for a meal of any kind on Sunday. See, my brother was getting married the following weekend, and we were all part of the wedding in some function or another. Because we are drag-assers we didn't get out and wrap up what we needed (slacks, boyshirts, ties, etc) until that weekend.

Plus we went skating, and then we went to costco.

It was all very exhausting. Hence the Sunday of Laze.

But I made it up on Wednesday and that's what I was going to blog about!

Except I left my camera full of lamby bits and Maxwell Mac & Cheese Adventures in Yakima. It won't be coming back to see me for about two weeks.

And really, without the pics, I can't write these things. Sure, I could vomit out some word blocks, but I wouldn't remember everything. Also, it wouldn't be very fun.

So here I sit, apologizing for the lameness rather than telling you all about how I need a mortar and pestle since smooshing herbs and salt against the cutting board sucks ass; or all about how the recipe for Max's dinner was so awesome, and saved by simplicity because we actually followed a recipe (well, mostly we did.)

Sunday #19 was my brother's wedding. It was awesome. I got all teary eyed and everything. Stupid brother and brother's wife.

It was on a Saturday and I made dip and punch. I saw a lot of family I hadn't seen in a long time. There was lots of table-sitting and meal sharing. I think it counts.

I'm hoping to really do the lamb blog, and definitely need to do the blog where Max helped out. Wednesday is usually the day for that sort of thing because I'm home for a couple hours completely alone. That's all going to change though as my employer made an executive decision that my groups' hours would change for "business need" he then went on to call us a bunch of complainers and not really explain how the change would benefit the business but that's management for you. He probably realized our feeble minds couldn't handle the logical leaps that someone of such vast intellect makes.

Uh- yes, less ranty now.

Blogs will be back, for really reals! Mostly because I'm alone in the world and have nothing better to do, but also because... I have nothing better to do.

Okay bye!

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