Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best Recipes Ever on the CBC

Up here in Magical Happy Land we have free access to a little something called the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Aside from awesome cartoons and news featuring 62% less Mario Lopez, it has an afternoon cooking show called Best Recipes Ever.

Mark loves Best Recipes Ever.

I'm pretty sure he may just love Kary Osmond:

and who would't? I mean she's totally adorable, right?

One of the days we were home together (meaning; one of the days I wasn't slogging away in in the emotionally empty Seattle and then trapped on the city bus for 2 hours while he tried to see just how much StarCraft II he could fit in while leaving time to do half the dishes before coming to pick me up from the bus dump) I was flipping through all 9 channels and he got all "go back, go back!"

It was then that I understood that it's not just StarCraft that's leaves me welcomed home by a kitchen made of filth. It's Kary.

That day Kary was making a ham dinner. Apparently it was the Best Ever Ham Dinner.

Everything on that looks tasty to me. I'm excited for scalloped potatoes with flavor, and the carrots will hopefully be non-burned.

Plus, bonus, there's a ham in the freezer for the post-holiday discount ham. That should help keep our grocery budget down for the week.

Also, I'll be making this:King Arthur Flour's Original Pound Cake

I'm topping it with this:

Because I want you to beg me to have your babies.

Also, because I seem to want do die from cardiovascular disease.

Things could change between now and tomorrow night, when I go to purchase the necessary ingredients. Two days ago I was pretty set on making that BBQ pork loin, but no one was interested. Mark has been making moany sounds that turned out to be "haaaaaaaaaaaam" so I'm pretty sure at least one of the boyfolks will be pleased with Sunday night's menu.

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