Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh yeah - Sunday # 3: Dessert

You might have seen the box of fortune cookies on the table with the last dinner.

Yup, that was dessert. The kids insisted on them.

However, we did plan on a cake. We even made one! Then we ate it when we pushed Sunday to Monday.

It was sorta like this:, except she mixed the pudding in with the cake mix and ours had chocolate pudding on top of the cake - after you'd poured the jello and let the jello set.

Okay, so this sort of recipe isn't really MAKING something, it's taking a whole bunch of pre-mixed ingredients and adding some sort of fluid (water/milk/oil). But... I'm working on it? I have made some pretty awesome non-pre-mixed desserts I'll have you know.

We used the same sized pan as this lady does, and cut it into 12 pieces. All twelve pieces are gone because we are gluttons and are generous enough to let the previous generation have a longer life expectancy. That there is called respecting your elders.

I seriously need to work out some sort of plan, so that half of the desserts we make go straight in the freezer (like with the pound cake I made last time) or so that we're just not making so many portions.

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