Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunday Dinner #2: Family reaction

I thought I'd make this into a new post rather than leaving it at the end of the dinner review since that was already going on forever.

Sitting down together this second Sunday of the year was so much better than the first. Once I got it through to Mark (I hope) that it was us sitting down together for dinner that was more important to me than force-feeding Max things went much smoother.

About Mark: He's not some sort of angry parent yelling at his kid for not liking the icky flavors veggies in the cabbage family have. His angle was more of the "you're mom spent a long time making us all dinner and you should eat it." But still gentle and cajoling.

Max brought up what we were having next for Sunday Dinner a couple more times this last week. He's either actually excited, or smart enough to see that it's important to me and participating because of that. Either way, I appreciate it buddy!

Yay family! It was a real feel-good night.

Mark and I even did dishes together rather than letting them fester on the counter all night. Awww.

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